AEG Team

Producers and coordinators of Sports & Entertainment events. Including the annual Arizona Balloon Classic: Arizona’s premier Hot Air Balloon Race & Festival.

In addition, the Cactus and Fiesta Bowls, Super Bowls XXX & XLII. We are providers of special events products, services and consulting. 


Arizona Events Group takes a strategic and personal approach with special events business opportunities.


Founded in 2010 by special event industry leaders: Tim Matykiewicz and Nanette Duncan. Our team has over 50 years of combined experience in the special events industry.


Arizona Events Group is located in Phoenix, Arizona where the Sun shines over 300 days a year. Making it the best metropolitan market in the country to produce award winning signature events.


Event Production – Coordination & Operation Services we would be honored to provide:

  • Administrate – Complete timeline of all production & coordination activities.
  • Create – Recommended budgeting to maintain income & expenses.
  • Co-promote – Events & activities on AEG’s social media platforms.
  • Coordinate – Event staff & volunteer training.
  • Research – Prepare & negotiate on-site vendor services & functions.
  • Secure – Partnerships (sponsors) & commercial vendors on all levels.
  • Manage & Direct – Site plans, logistics & operations. From set-up to clean-up.
  • Activate – Partnership (sponsors) elements and Event Marketing plans.
  • Recommend – Promotional & advertising plans of all activities prior to the event.

Meet Our Team : 



Tim Matykiewicz  

Email :

Also known as : “Coach”































Nanette Duncan

Director of Event Management
Phone : 480-600-4743
Email :

Also known as : “Hey Net!”






























Terry Bridges

Social Media  Venue & Production Logistics  Web Design  Herc’s Dad
Email :

Also known as : “Hey Terry!”


























David White
Pilot Director
Email :

Also known as : “Super Dave”























Yvette White
Business Manager
Email :

Also known as : “Miss Yvette”
























Jake  Matykiewicz
Venue & Production Logistics

Venue Maintenance
Phone : 602-565-4789
Email :

Also known as : “Dewd”

















Eric Fleckenstein
Water & Power

Venue Maintenance
Email :

Also known as : “Sir Eric”































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Arizona Events Group, LLC  | 1334 E. Chandler Blvd. | Suite #5-D17 | Phoenix, AZ 85048 USA