Arizona Events Group


At the Arizona Events Group, we have the experience, talent, resources and personalities to coordinate and manage all types of events, meetings and special occasions. It’s already a stressful time just thinking about having an Event, Party or Get Together. We’re connected to the best Event services, properties, venues and equipment in Arizona and the Southwest. Our resources are plenty and stay within budget. Check out the list below of the services we can provide:



We’ll work with all nonprofit boards, committees, PTA’s or company Event/Meeting Specialists. Don’t spend the time thinking, stressing, planning or coordinating any events without contacting with us first. It won’t cost a cent to discuss an opportunity to assist you or your team. It makes sense to connect with the Arizona Events Group to get your planning moving forward.


Use our lattice fence for crowd control, ticketing, or security. Our fence is made of sturdy 2.5” PVC UV rated piping with 24” vinyl lattice. Our fence stands 36” tall for securing an area and hanging banners. We currently have over 400’ of white lattice fence and growing. Send you request for additional details and an all-inclusive quote to